Are you tired of ridiculously low bank interest rates, but would like liquid and secure investments?

As an investor and asset advisor, I have spent the last 10 years testing different forms of investment. Many did not withstand the test of time, but luckily I was able to find solutions that can provide returns far above bank interest to myself and investors, as well as you, while keeping risk low and liquidity high. I am now ready to share my experience with you, keep reading!

Norbert Kiraly

The age of traditional investment is over!

I am certain you have also dreamt of investments that provide a cash flow that is far above bank interest while ensuring that your money is safe and you can rest easy.

The time has come to choose a form of investment that has your interests at the forefront and can, under optimized conditions, provide high results. How is this possible?


Before we answer this question, let’s have a look at what kind of investment you would like.


Should provide high return on investment 
Neither bank interest nor traditional forms of investment bring results which we would really like, most of the time not even ensuring inflation resistance. It is natural to want higher returns than what bank interests provide.
Your invested money should be accessible
A financial investment  should basically allow for both  the easy withdrawing from and the further addition to the amount invested.
Knowing your investment is secure
It is natural to want to protect and keep our acquired assets safe. When we choose a bank or broker company, security and regulated operation are important, but it is also natural that we are willing to take a certain limited amount of risk to reach higher than bank rates level of return.
Keeping an eye on results 
Isn’t it enough to get an annual report on how your investment is doing? Of course it isn’t. In today’s world, it is fair to expect 24-hour real time access to information on your investment, how much money you have,  how much profit you made in the given month, week, day or even minute.
You can find all of the above options in the FOREX market. The foreign exchange (currency) market is a stock market of unlimited size, where players are able to secure huge advantages.

Simply put, the FOREX market allows us to by money for money, creating a continuous cycle that allows the almost instant generation of profit.

The system that I use and recommend gives you the possibility to generate returns that would put investment professionals to shame, and all without any knowledge or experience.

So what do I recommend?

A next generation money management system, which professionally tracks and trades the variances on the forex market, and provides high returns - and all completely automatically.

Your money is deposited at one of the most secure broker companies in the world, the New Zealand based3TG Brokers. This financial institute operates as a prime broker in a regulated environment in one of the economically most stable countries in the world. When you transfer your investment, you can choose between two deposit accounts: the Maltese Sparkasse, a member of the Austrian bank group, or the leading New Zealand based Westpac. Your deposit account will be a personal account under your name.

So how will this become profit?

The management of your investment will be performed through a limited power of attorney by 3TG Brokers number one asset management partner, with nearly 15 years of professional experience and certified, verifiable results. I have never before seen such a stable and secure trading system.

Key properties of Next Generation Forex Investment

Professionally backed and sound decisions, risk evasion 
FOREX trade requires decisions to buy and sell, which can be a stressful burden. These decisions are made by software support and professional traders “in cold blood”, without emotional compromise that might result in impulse trading and thus loss of investment.

24 hours a day, 5 days a week 
The market is open 24 hours a day for 5 days a week. We can trade anytime, anywhere if we find ourselves in a good position. We are, however, not able to keep an eye on everything all the time. A suitable team with the right software is always vigilant, meaning we need not be afraid of sleeping through a great opportunity or being caught without our computer.

Because this is a computer based system, you are able to keep an eye on the trading process and the activities of the asset manager at all times. Whenever you want, you can check how much money you made on a given day and how your assets are doing. There are no secrets, no long-term commitments. 

Money management
In order to minimize loss and keep risk at a minimum, the trading system  is armed with professional financial knowledge and safety settings which allow the service provider to secure proper results  without too much excitement. Security can be further increased if you divide your investment between the three available trading strategies.

Common sense and comfort
The only thing you have to do is use the online interface to open an account and then transfer the desired amount to the deposit account of the broker company, finally providing a limited power of attorney to the professional asset manager that I recommend, so they can start trading with your account, making your money work for you in real time. The asset manager does not have access to your money, you simply give a limited right to trade with your account in exchange for a success fee.

High profit
The trading team works 24 hours a day in order to reach desired results. Because they only work for a success fee, they are also interested in reaching high profits, which makes it possible to provide an annual  profit of 30% for clients while keeping risk at a minimum. Because the account is USD based, this result can mean up to ten times the bank interest rates.
Thanks to the trading system that I recommend, the FOREX market allows for a return on investment that is truly acceptable for everyone. As a small investor, you now have access to services which hitherto have only been available to large investors!

ATTENTION! In order to reach desirable results with the automated trading system,  you don’t need any kind of knowledge of the FOREX market. In fact, you won’t even need computer skills!


Does it really work?

Due to real time monitoring, you see real time results. There are no secrets, no unkept promises. The trading system can show you what it is capable of and what kind of results it is able to provide you with, even during the course of today.

The credibility of past results is verified by the world’s leading independent expert, 

You can choose from three different account management services, allowing you to diversify your portfolio and increase security.

EMERALD - Average monthly result since April 2011: 5,54%
SUPREME - Average monthly result since January 2011: 2,32%
OPTIMUM - Average monthly result since July 2010: 2,89%


There are a lot of amateur services that can’t be taken seriously. I’m really happy to have gotten to know you, a professional company who provide professional services. 
- Hans, 46, Germany


I was always interested in Forex, but I would never have had the time to learn the tricks of the trade. I’m happy that since my initial investment, I close a positive balance every month. - Paul, 33, England


My savings are continuously growing, and I can access them freely at any time. - Giorgio,  61, Italy


The service is of unbelievably professional quality, being able to provide stable results. Whatever questions I may have, customer service is always willing and quick to answer. Thank you very much. - Eszter, 37, Hungary


No longer a dream, the solution is in your hands!

As an investor, you can enjoy the following services:

  • As a customer, you open your account at one of the leading broker companies of the world, with the leading (AAA ranking) banks securing your money. You are the only one able to access your account and the amountdeposited , and it is only possible to transfer its contents to an account also on your name, leaving your investment completely safe.
  • You accounts enjoy partial capital protection, leaving your initial investment and its future profits even more secure.
  • The account management teams perform currency trade on your accounts. The trading is done and supervised by experienced, proven professionals, allowing you to reach profit levels provided by professional account managers, which can reach +30% on an annual level. This means that your accounts will generate profits that would only be possible over long years of traditional investment. 
  • There are no fixed fees for the service. Both the start-up and the termination of the investment is free, the company only receives a success fee from the results they are able to produce. This ensures that the company is interested in exactly the same thing you are: making you profit. 
  • The entire investment process is transparent; trading and the current balance of your investment (which you can withdraw immediately if you want) can be monitored minute by minute. 
  • You can make withdrawals or deposits on your account at any time without any fees or cost. The investment is completely liquid and can be terminated at any time. 
  • I recommend that you take advantage of all three trading options, and that you divide your investment into three equal parts among them. A diversified portfolio will deliver stable, even more balanced returns with minimal risk.


Have your money work for you, and get up to +30% annually with limited risk!

This forex account management system has provided  stable results for years, and has been available for small investors since 2011. Past  results  are clearly visible and are the same for all investors, and you can now experience these results on your account as well.

If you decide to stick to soul wrenching bank interest rates, then thank you for attention. If, however, you decide to want to learn more and even open an account, then click on the button below and I will send you all the information you need regarding the investment and opening an account.